Friday, 22 November 2013

Peercoin / PPCoin

Symbol - PPC
Algorithm - SHA-256, Proof of Stake
Total Coins - Undetermined (check current total)
Coins per Block - Varies with difficulty (check current reward)
Difficulty Retarget on every block
First Block mined on August 19, 2012
Status - Alive
Official Website
Download Windows Client (May not be the latest version!)
Download Linux Client (May not be the latest version!)
Mac Client not available
Source Code
Download Mining Package (Read the README.txt!)
Profitability Calculator
Mining Pools - Coinotron | D7 Pool | Fuzzypool
Exchanges - Vircurex | Cryptsy | BTC-e
Block Explorer
Announcement Thread
IRC Channel
Faucets / Free Peercoins - None
Shops - coingas
First cryptocoin to implement the Proof of Stake minting algorithm

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