Saturday, 14 December 2013


Symbol - DVC
Algorithm - SHA-256
Total Coins - Undetermined (transaction limit - 21 billion)
Block Time - 10 minutes
Coins per Block - 50,000 (90% goes to foundation, 10% goes to miners)
Coins per Block will always be 50,000
Difficulty Retarget every 2,016 Blocks
First Block mined on July 22, 2011
Status - Alive
Official Website
Download Windows Client (May not be the latest version!)
Download Linux Client (May not be the latest version!)
Download Mac Client (May not be the latest version!)
Source Code
Download Mining Package (Read the README.txt!)
Profitability Calculator
Mining Pools - Bitparking
ExchangesVircurex | Cryptsy | Crypto-Trade
Block Explorer
Announcement Thread
IRC Channel
Faucets / Free Namecoins - The Devcoin Faucet
Shops - WROL | Bitezze
The 90% cut of each block taken by the foundation goes to open source creators

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